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Premium Website

The key to succession of your business is the webproject in other words a website.
We could agree there are many website provider with very good or low prices but excluding the fact or taking into consideration of the marketing, the graphics designs, the HTML code and most important of all the website referencing.
Your website must be absolutely be compatible to all platforms i.e: computers and mobile devices.
That is why all our projects are developed using Responsive Design Technology

  • Create website
  • Create e-commerce site
  • Search engine optimization
  • Maintenance and animation website
  • Support, Webmastering
  • Marketing Strategy Tips
  • Visual identity
  • Logo
  • WebDesign
  • Video editing, DVD
  • Responsive Technology D


Installation, implementation and configuration of the computer network of your businesses.
Seynet is your specialist partner in network deployments.
Seynet can intervene at every stage in the implementation or reparation of your local computer network, or take care in full.
Indeed, we can:

  • Determine the type of network most appropriate to your needs.
  • Set up selected the local network.
  • Provide the necessary equipment.
  • Changing your current local network.
  • Adding or replacing machines.
  • Setting up network printers.
  • Implementation server


After its implementation, a computer network requires regular monitoring.
Above all it must be understood that a corporate LAN is always on the evolution:

  • Office network expansion.
  • Adding or replacing machines.
  • Setting up network printers.
  • Evolution of software ...
  • Regular backups.
  • Updates of operating systems to eliminate loopholes.

Website Redesign

Redesigning the website of a company is of most vital importance in the modernization of its marketing strategy process.
Web technologies offer a world of possibilities and effective promotional tools.
It is essential to take the process of redesigning a website very seriously.
An outdated website and which is not optimal can have a detrimental effect: the loss of credibility, and therefore a loss of market.

  • Doubling of my site traffic.
  • The increase of contacts access to the website.
  • Reaching a new target prospects.
  • Upgrade your content.
  • Improve SEO.
  • Compatibility tablets, mobile ...

Logo & Brand

Whether creating a product and company logo or desining a new brand, the plenary session is the most important step in the logo design.
It will determine the brand of your company's territory as well as the core values of your business.
We supervise the process end-to-end project in alterations to your logo as on the possible variations and graphic chart.
At the end of the project, the source files and the transfer of rights to the use of the logo will be delivered.

  • Logo Design.
  • PVC Business Card Printing

Dell Reseller

Best quality, All hardware will be available on order.

  • Laptops.
  • Desktops and All in One.
  • Tablets.
  • Servers and Storage.
  • Workstations.
  • Monitors.

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